A downloadable Space Scroller Beta for Windows

                                                      WARNING-THIS IS IN-DEVELOPMENT

IMPORTANT - Removing voice acting for text, the voices are terrible

                                          [Free Demo Below / But all donations are amazing!]

                                                             [Update - 20/11/2017 - See Status]


Your on a ship that is in disorder, Infested with Cybernetic creatures that crawl through the vents to access the Interior; where you remain trapped.

You have one way out, an escape pod. Only problem, the power source for the security doors and the ejection matrix. The crystal fragments on the floor can power the doors and the escape pod, all you need is eight of them and they will bind into a operational crystal.


WASD - movment

Mouse - aim

C - camera first/third person

right click - Aim in

left click - Fire gun

E(while on elevator) - toggle elevator floor.

                                                                             [Future Features]

>Menus -    Will be adding submenu with mainmenu button soon [Prototyping in progress] 

+Operational doors - Toggle with E & Locked variants

>Music -                                                                                                             [Prototyping in progress]

>Objective                                                                                                       [Prototyping in progress]

>Animations -                  I may need cleanup and better scene to scene transition on LV2                                                                       [Prototyping in progress]

Suggest more in the comments and I will decide whether they are suitable and viable, thanks!


It is going so well, Alpha 11 is the end of a chapter of development as it can almost be classed as a game now, having a way to loose now, all i need is it add a way to win! XD

For now, it is free, but when it is done, although cheap, will be so that I get something out of my hard work.

Download demo

Space Scroller Beta-Beta6.zip 81 MB

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